The Free will-e is an interactive experimental music collective project by six musicians.

On this concept/experiment, each one of the six musicians has composed a piece individually, that represents an audio channel strip on the virtual mixing console.

Each creator in order to compose his own part has been following the Sonic footsteps of the previous ones. Those have been chosen on a random sequence and constitute a part of the six-channel ensemble. 

One of the unique features of this piece is interactivity with the listener, this has been implemented by giving him an unmixed auditory version of the tracks and let him create his own-new real-time mixdown version of the Piece.

Functions per track: Volume, Panning, Mute, Solo - Master vol. & Recording of the mix.



Vasilis Avdelas:

Giorgos Gargalas:

Manthos Karras:

Andreas Monopolis - MoCM

Andreas Kavvadias:




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